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Futurist Forum aims to find ways for larger business transformations and chart the path forward for organizations by bringing in experts and talent leaders together on an exclusive platform.

This closed-door event with top functional experts and CHROs of a particular region will enable them to brainstorm together to find a path to the future of work and talent. This is an invite-only event for the CHROs and HR Leaders, to come together and find answers for the challenges being backed by top leaders as they navigate the way forward to the future.

WHAT IS 10X, Really?

Covid-19 came as a Great Disruption. We believe that the bounce-back should be as dramatic, and this is where the idea of 10X comes into play. As businesses, individuals, and societies, we must raise our ambitions to stratospheric levels, must aspire for the impossible, and actualise those insane goals as if it were a walk in the park!



Businesses are at an inflection point, and most progressive organizations will use this as an opportunity to reimagine their potential together and make sure they don’t slip back into their pre-pandemic status-quoist comfort zone. The pandemic-led Great Disruption made us question our assumptions, and saw grave business dislocations. Reimagination, Regeneration, and Reaffirmation must be our new Guiding Principles. It is with this end in mind that People Matters has designed a highly sought-after Masterclass for top CHROs, a closed-door session that lets the creative juices flow uninterrupted and grey cells to jostle with competing ideas.

This cerebral challenge is expected to help talent leaders:

Spotlight critical business levers as opportunities for impact & innovation

Step-by-step plan to accelerate organizational change and transformation

Synchronize talent, leadership & organizational rhythm for business growth

Building capabilities within the HR team to scale & sustain business impact

Exclusive masterclass session

Elite group networking

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What Makes It So Compelling?

The People Matters Futurist Forum is a rare opportunity for business leaders to look at their existing models and approaches from a radically-different perspective, which is potentially replicable and implementable within their respective organisations. This elite gathering of experts, business thinkers, and practising leaders will reinforce complementarities that create win-win outcomes for all stakeholders.
At this hallowed Forum, you will be able to visualise 10X at:

  • Personal Level - Focus on your internal energies and regroup yourself for impact. This would require you to pay attention to your thoughts, actions, and attitudes.
  • Team Level - How can we enable teams to achieve the impossible (like we did during the pandemic)? This business imperative would require a culture of active and willing collaboration, a sense of solidarity, and an undying commitment to customer service and organisational vision.
  • Organisational Level - What new muscles do we need to develop for scale & speed to be the organization of tomorrow? Humanity has lost plenty to the pandemic in terms of prosperity, health, and time - the most precious and limited commodity that we have. We need to build back better.



Dr John Boudreau

Dr John Boudreau

Visionary on Future of Work, Author, Prof & Sr Research Scientist
Marshall School of Business
Ashok Ramachandran

Ashok Ramachandran

CEO & President
Schinder India
Ruchira Bhardwaja

Ruchira Bhardwaja

Kotak Life Insurance
Ester Martinez

Ester Martinez

CEO & Editor-in-Chief
People Matters
Biswaroop Mukherjee

Biswaroop Mukherjee

Head HR- Commercial Vehicle Business Unit
Tata Motors Limited
Mrinal Sinha

Mrinal Sinha

Chief Human Resources Officer
Vishpala Reddy

Vishpala Reddy

Head of Human Resources, Indian SubContinent
Vikrant Kumar

Vikrant Kumar

Regional Head for LinkedIn Talent Solutions
Meenal Jadhav

Meenal Jadhav

Global Talent Development Leader, Industrial Automation Business
Schneider Electric
James Thomas

James Thomas

Vice President, SAP SuccessFactors
SAP Indian Subcontinent

Now is the time to be courageous, to prepare for the oncoming opportunities, and to think 10X. Join us at the People Matters Futurist Forum as we reflect on what 10X means for you, your teams and your organizations.

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